Join Our Chapter

We are one of the oldest and most active of ARCE’s chapters. Every year we present monthly meetings, two seminars and a variety of other activities. There is also the Crook and Flail Society, which has its own schedule of activities

For information on how to become an North Texas ARCE member you can email us at

Or you can talk with a Chapter officer at our monthly meeting’s registration desk.

But why wait ?

All you need to do is become a member of the national ARCE organization and choose the North Texas Chapter as your affiliate on the membership form. There are no separate local dues or other paperwork.

As benefits of membership, ARCE chapter members receive the national organization’s Journal and Bulletin, the monthly Chapter newsletter, invitations to tours and seminars, access to facilities at ARCE’s Cairo center, discounts on airfares between the United States and Egypt, and special rates at selected hotels within Egypt. This is the link to the national membership site

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